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Funny way to create your own comics


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Radical Comic Designer is a lite application to create comics that allows the user to give free rein to their imagination.

Creating a comic is now as easy as using drag&drop. Drag and drop images to the page of the comic you want to create, and insert them in boxes of the size you want.

It's the same when inserting text boxes, just drag and drop them from th text box list of the menu.

Create as many pages as you want, insert as many frames you like and make the characters talk by inserting text boxes. It's easy.

Finally, choose if you are creating a webcomic or a traditional comic.

Radical Comic Designer only includes basic functions and options what makes it easy to use for novice users and to get started in comic creation.

Once you finish your work, save it as JPG or CBR, you choose. Have fun while creating your own comic stories.
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